Important Shipping Update from RIV Worldwide

Important Shipping Update from RIV Worldwide

Shipping timelines worldwide have suffered delays as consumer habits have changed due to to the pandemic. With unusual fluctuations in global rates, shippers are continuously looking for new supply chain management solutions.

Besides this, Brexit added to the challenges faced by shipping companies as the Cross-Channel shipments are more complicated under Dual-Customs regimes resulting in logistics bottlenecks.

Another major reason for the delays which cannot be overlooked is the curb on toxic sulphur shipping emissions in which the shipping industry is by far the biggest emitter. Many containers/vessels have been reduced in order to reduce the acidifying effects in oceans, rivers and lakes.

Ports globally are facing disruption in the usual flow of ships and containers.

RIV Worldwide is currently working with multiple shipping lines and is operating from all major UK ports but extensively from London Gateway to avoid congestion and for smooth delivery of shipments as soon as they reach the UK.

We appreciate your everlasting support at all times and always putting our best foot forward to provide you with our world-class logistic services in the near future as well.

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