Air Freight Forwarder Services

Our multi-award winning product – Air Freight Services

RIV Worldwide offers air freight services, across major airports around the globe as a part of our global shipping services. Our years of experience in the field have allowed us to specialize in on-site customs at every venue, with special warehouses available for the storage of your cargo. We ensure the fastest and smoothest transportations at affordable costs, which is why RIV Worldwide is considered to be one of the top air freight forwarder in the business.


We are a team of trained professionals sieved through an explicit process of selection, who are well trained about shipping and managing anything ranging from dangerous goods to perishable ones. Our expert group of logistics and managers are deployed at every airport to steer the shipment from start to finish. 

Boasting the title of one of the best air freight companies in the World, we serve companies big and small and transport cargo regardless of its size and quantity. Apart from continuous supervision by our on-duty staff at every airport, our long experience has allowed us to weave connections internationally with the top agents and freight carriers in the world. 


When it comes to our clients, we can go leaps and bounds to provide them with the service necessary and fulfill each desire made! Services provided by RIV Worldwide include Air freight shipment of domestic and international nature. We have buried the flag of our air freight services in the remote districts of Africa as well as the metropolitan cities of New York. Be it Thanksgiving or New Year, we never take a day off! Numerous scheduled air freight departures take place daily under our governance, to ensure the timely arrival of your freight. RIV Worldwide has its name in the list of the top warehousing and distribution companies, with Enhanced Remote Transit Shed Approved Warehouses (ERTS) facilities to certify swift elimination of air cargo which did not clear the customs.


With our expertise in global freight transportation, your freight will be at its destined location before you know it! Working with RIV Worldwide comes with its advantages – quick quote responses, meticulously channeled delivery chains, brilliant reciprocation to customer queries, and 24/7 tracking services and customer services. We have executive managers and partners who personally look after the customs clearance and security of your cargo. 

Functioning as one of the best air freight forwarder around the globe, we have a relationship with the top carriers of the freight business. RIV Worldwide operates at Heathrow and Gatwick as the soul regarding transit shipping to faraway locations of Africa and South America. Apart from our global shipping services, we render packaging demands for highly delicate and decayable cargo. If your product needs repacking, re-labeling, or labeling facilities, we have got your back! Our diligent and polite staff cares for your freight like our own and therefore guarantees order execution and distribution of goods.


We have elite storage facilities for your cargo of every kind, utmost care is taken of your freight till it reaches its final destination. Our temporary warehouses are all equipped with temperature-controlled rooms, wrap insulation, and cool rooms for cargo which require to be stored in controlled environments. Being one of the best air freight companies out there, we have Enhanced Remote Transit Shed Approved Warehouses positioned at close distances from the airport for speedy transportation of the cargo by our technologically advanced vehicles. During transportation we, as one of the best supply chain companies, load containers with enough room for each freight and never overstuff or poorly treat your freight. Our warehouses are specially equipped with fire extinguishers and have been especially floodproofed. 


No matter how close or far you are shipping your freight, RIV Worldwide provides you with every detail of the shipment process. We believe in being transparent and truthful with our clients, with our expert handlers at customer service, you will be able to track updates of your freight every step of the way. We are considered to be one of the best supply chain companies in the business for various reasons, not only do we provide 24/7 tracking facilities but also assure to ship your cargo to the desired location on time. Our technologically advanced telecommunications and machinery keep tabs on your freight in transit for any setbacks.


Here at, RIV Worldwide we offer Air Freight Services at affordable costs and are best known for our same-day delivery system without any hassle. We do extensive research about your freight and consider your demands about your freight. Each member of our huge team is highly educated and communicates with each other during the shipment process to avoid any chance of failure. We, as one of the leading supply chain companies in the world, offer door-to-door transportations and ensure the privacy of the freight of our clients. Contact us with your requirement for Ocean Freight Forwarder services or Air Freight Services now!