Air Freight Services

It’s time to approach the best air freight forwarders

We are a dedicated team of logistics & transportation professionals with excellent air-freight acumen. Our staff is seasoned and equipped with latest in-transit technologies enabling your goods arrive on time and in pristine condition.

Advantages of shipping your air freight with us

★ Full Liability Coverage

We can cover the full cost of goods, including all duty, delivery and terminal fees, as well as an allowance for lost goods.

★ Economical Rates

We offer pricing structures that maximize coverage while ensuring affordable premiums.

Door-to-Door Insurance Options

Experience peace of mind by knowing your cargo is covered, end to end. 

★ Local, Responsive Representation

For time-sensitive transactions or when trying to recoup costs, having a company in your time zone can prove critical to a claim’s success.

★ Total Support

Our reporting provides complete visibility, with details updated automatically to keep you informed on all open claims.