Supply Chain Management


At RIV, we seek to minimize costs while boosting creativity and enhancing customer experience and reactivity. Being one of the best supply chain management companies, RIV’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) services enable the entire supply network to collaborate, schedule, execute, and organize, enabling you to adapt the supply chain processes to an ever-changing competitive market. We offer enhanced warehouse productivity and improved visibility and monitoring of warehouse operations in real-time.

We are also one of the leading UK companies in the area of warehousing and distribution. In the UK, we have a whole range of facilities for distribution and fulfillment. Via our own facilities, we deliver more than 6000 sq ft of prime modern warehousing, servicing more than our own technologically advanced vehicles. Our internally-developed and highly advanced global operating framework supports and intelligently manages our warehousing and distribution facilities. We have a technologically innovative delivery strategy that enables our customers to efficiently position their supply chains. Along with this, our workers are trained and compliant with trade legislation for hazardous goods. We also provide electronic clearance of customs-bonded and ERTS-controlled facilities. As a global shipping service, we ensure your cargo reaches its destination as safely as possible.

With RIV you can achieve:

  • Seamless integration and global visibility of different transportation process steps, and higher transparency
  • Demand planning and forecasting
  • Improved warehouse efficiency and extend real-time visibility and control of warehouse operations
  • Strategic supply chain design
  • Increased demand accuracy and order fulfilment satisfaction levels
  • Reduce inventory levels and increased inventory turns
  • Increased profitability and productivity
  • Improved order, production, and execution tracking
  • Reduced costs of goods sold throughout your company