Warehousing & Distribution

A perfect blend of logistics solutions from one of the finest warehousing and distribution companies

RIV Worldwide is the right solution to your Warehousing & Distribution problems. Whether you’re a small business, big company or an e-commerce platform, RIV Worldwide can help you with everything from driving productivity to cutting costs to streamlining customer service.

Our smart warehouses are designed with an innovative, scalable and intelligent system that works with any size of inventory. By eliminating the handwork and the need for manual operations, RIV Worldwide reduces errors, speeds up the warehouse operation cycle, and increases profits.

Why choose us

We offer Enhanced Remote Shed Approved Warehouses (ERTS), near approved ports/airports which not only aid in speeding up the process of ridding freight that did not achieve customs clearance but also permit the swift movement of your freight under the supervision of our team.
Working with us gives you 100% transparency and upfront communication portals during the entirety of the transportation procedure.
In case of an emergency, our professional dispatch crew will directly contact you and guide you patiently through out the process to ensure your satisfaction.
You can track your package at any hour you want through the click of a button and will be served with the details of your freight’s current condition and location.
We can repack or relabel your cargo, if necessary, without any additional charges for the job.
Our warehouses have been approved by the local government as floodproof and are safe from weather elements and fire.
RIV Worldwide also has door-to-door delivery services for freight after they have arrived at the expected port. We use technologically advanced trucks and transport vehicles to make sure your package gets delivered on time.