Efficiency meets expertise - RIV Worldwide guarantees reliable storage and compliance for all perishables

RIV Worldwide is highly experienced in transporting perishable goods, requiring utmost care and consideration. Our expertise in cool chain and supply chain management enables us to fully grasp the logistics and temperature control requirements. We offer comprehensive services to ensure proper storage and compliance of all types of perishables in the supply chain. Through our partner network, we are capable of serving the food and beverage industry, facilitating cost-effective transportation through our air and road freight divisions.

At RIV Worldwide, our efficient services minimise supply chain downtime. A dedicated team member is assigned to oversee each shipment, continuously monitoring and tracking its progress. We maintain regular communication with the customer, keeping them well-informed about the shipment’s status throughout its journey.

Customized Solutions

Our company specialises in offering personalised routes and services that are designed to perfectly cater to your specific refrigerated cargo requirements. We go above and beyond to ensure that the quality and freshness of your products are maintained throughout the entire journey, whether it’s from pick-up to delivery locally or internationally.

Expansive Network

With an extensive route network, we encompass key countries and logistical hubs globally. This enables us to provide smooth refrigerated transportation and adaptable loading options across continents.

Timely Deliveries

Being punctual is of utmost importance to us. Our dedicated planning and meticulous attention to detail ensure that your perishable products are delivered on time to any destination in the world.