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Air freight is a fast-paced industry that requires us to constantly adapt and think creatively. We are committed to providing reliable and flexible services to meet your specific needs. The global capacity and demand can change rapidly, but we are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of your supply chain. Whether your shipments can be transported in commercial aircraft or require specialised freighter planes, our team of air freight experts will provide customised solutions to tackle your business challenges. From anywhere in the world, you can easily get in touch with your local RIV Worldwide air freight expert to discuss your requirements. Whether you need global or regional air freight services, RIV Worldwide offers a range of products and speeds to meet your exact needs. Our experienced team of air freight experts will ensure that your goods are delivered on time and in pristine condition.

RIV Worldwide is committed to offering exceptional service and competitive pricing for air freight forwarding. With our extensive experience in the industry, we are able to meet our goals every day of the year. Our team of routing and pricing specialists are skilled in providing value-added air freight forwarding services. By understanding your shipment’s delivery date, we are able to customise our air logistics service accordingly. If there is flexibility in your delivery date, our expertise in international markets can help you save even more money. And if your air freight is time-sensitive, we can arrange dedicated and part-charter flights to accommodate almost any shipment from anywhere.

At RIV Worldwide, we recognise the importance of air freight in your supply chain. This is why we have established long-term relationships with selected airlines and cartage companies worldwide. Through these partnerships, we are able to negotiate the best prices for our air freight forwarding services. In key markets, we have agreements in place that guarantee us capacity throughout the year. This flexibility allows us to adjust our commitments based on customer needs. Compliance is another area where we focus our attention. We work closely with our customers to ensure global compliance for air freight exports and imports. This includes our expertise in cross-border eCommerce shipping for our eCommerce clients. Through our dedication to meeting your logistical needs, RIV Worldwide goes beyond being a simple air logistics service provider. We become your true supply chain partner. As you expand your sourcing countries or reach new customers around the world, we will continue to provide customised logistics management support.


Crafting the ideal air freight solution to meet your requirements

Direct Services

When you have strict timelines and require a dependable air freight solution, Direct Delivery is the perfect choice for transporting your Just-in-Time goods globally.

Charter Services

At RIV Worldwide, our charter services stand out in the forwarding industry due to their unparalleled dedication. We are known for willingly accepting the challenges that others deem too complex. With our round-the-clock, year-round global operation, and a host of trusted affiliate partners with long-standing relationships, our team always goes above and beyond to find the perfect partner aircraft for your cargo. Rest assured that the RIV team will provide the ultimate solution if your shipment requires air transportation.

Consolidation Services

Air cargo consolidation is a service that allows multiple shipments to be combined into one larger shipment, which is then transported alongside other shippers’ cargo. This service is available on a daily basis from New Delhi, Mumbai, London, and New York airports. The process begins with the collection of the cargo from the shipper’s door. Once collected, the cargo is taken to designated facilities where it is consolidated with other shipments. At these facilities, the cargo is also x-rayed and cleared for export.

Air cargo consolidation is an excellent option for minimizing costs while still meeting delivery schedules. It simplifies the coordination of movement from the shipper’s door to the airport and from the airport to the final destination. Our team manages the entire process, including airline handling, export documentation, clearance, and final delivery.

Next Flight Out (NFO) Services

If you find yourself facing a last minute order or a customer urgently requiring a replacement part for a halted assembly line, or if your market demands prompt delivery, look no further. RIV’s Next Flight Out service is here to cater to your needs. Regardless of the size of your shipment, we have no weight restrictions in place. Moreover, if you require assistance with packing, we are more than happy to provide that service as well.

Our Difference

Our teams of experienced and skilled experts in airfreight at RIV Worldwide ensure fast and reliable solutions in every circumstance