ABOUT RIV & Timeline

Our Story

A young company with a rich history

RIV Worldwide is a young company, established in 2010, however, its distinguished parentage and entrepreneurial spirit, with Rahat Continental, can be traced back to 1980.


September 2010
Founded by Rahat Sachdeva
March 2011
Successfully set up our in-house customs brokerage.
November 2011
Beginning of our "Daily from Delhi" air import consolidation.
April 2012
Premium domestic road freight service launched.
October 2013
Our first step towards digitalisation - Installation & Implementation of an advanced level ERP to run our operations efficiently.
January 2016
Beginning of our weekly ocean import consolidation from Mumbai.
March 2018
Proudly got certified by British International Freight Association (BIFA).
April 2018
Moved into our first office cum warehouse facility at north Feltham trading estate.
August 2018
Successful implementation of Warehouse management system (WMS).
September 2018
Beginning of our most awaited e-commerce vertical.
February 2019
Re-branding our business as RIV Worldwide Ltd.
January 2020
Incorporation of RIV Worldwide Inc (USA).
December 2020
Beginning of our daily air freight consolidation from New Delhi to JFK.
January 2021
Beginning of our daily ocean freight consolidation from Nava Shiva to New York.
September 2021
Adding our first owned and operated truck for UK local deliveries.
June 2022
Adding ETSF, customs bonded facility to our UK warehouse.

An undisputed world leading reference in the logistics industry

Logistics forms the backbone of global trade and plays a vital role in all aspects of our everyday lives.

With this in mind, our ambition is to make RIV WORLDWIDE an undisputed world leading reference in the logistics industry. By doing what we do best, we enable business to grow and thrive.

Our customers’ needs and strategic ambition are at the centre of all we do. In an increasingly unpredictable, changeable, complex and paradoxical world, we create value for our customers by consistently delivering exceptional end-to-end supply chain solutions that answer even their most complex needs.

Unlocking value at every step of the supply chain

As logistics experts, we understand that the right, best-fit solutions for ever-evolving supply chains are one of the key enablers to the success of our customers’ business.
Building on a wealth of international expertise, local know-how and with a forward thinking attitude, we pay the utmost attention to creating strong, long-term partnerships with our customers. We stand behind our customers. We support them to meet their supply chain challenges head-on and help them to identify growth opportunities.


We look at our customers’ evolving supply chain needs and seamlessly design logistics solutions that best fit their needs.

We support companies of all types and sizes across different sectors from Automotives, to Consumer & Retail, Perishables, Healthcare, Industrial & Technology.

Our Values

Passion and Commitment founded on strong human values

Like its parent company, Rahat Continental, RIV Worldwide relies on strong and broad human values that fuel the dedication and the passion of each team member.


The pursuit of excellence in every area

As a leader in our industry, we owe it to ourselves to engage in a perpetual quest for excellence at every level of our organization. From operational excellence all the way to excellence in our environmental performance, as well as in our interactions with customers, suppliers and team members.


Imagination to invent the transport and logistics solutions of the future
In a fast-moving world that poses multiple changes, the ability to challenge and reinvent oneself, and to think outside the box, is crucial for our company to keep growing in a sustained manner. Imagination must be synonymous with an open mind and the acceptance of people’s differences.


Exemplarity in every situation
With our global presence, along with the key role we play in driving the global economy, we must lead by example. That means upholding the highest standards in our daily tasks as well as in the strategic decisions we make.


Boldness to always go above and beyond
Boldness has long been one of the company’s core values. It is inherent to our entrepreneurial mindset and to our passion for development. Boldness, which enables us to reach beyond our limits, to never settle and to overcome every obstacle, plays a fundamental role in our ongoing development.
A young company with a rich history
RIV Worldwide is a young company, established in 2010, however, its distinguished parentage and entrepreneurial spirit, with Rahat Continental, can be traced back to 1980.